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BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY is a portfolio of images that helps grow your business and make a difference.


  • You are – In fashion design, hospitality, gastronomy, blogging, real estate, beauty and make-up, health and fitness, culture, art, or any other profession or professional hobby that will benefit from enhanced imagery
  • Your business has internet presence
  • You are a social influencer and You aware that nowadays Image – personal or corporate is very important
  • You have hit a glass ceiling. You realise, professional images will enhance your Internet presence, and allow for capacity to grow, to attain 
    +More clients +Increase followers, +Sell more products or services
  • You are passionate about your product or your service, you want others to see it deservedly shine
  • You want to build a trustworthy relationships with your audience and would like to share daily life of your office in a best way
  • Behind your business stands a real person that you truly respect – YOU and you value each step you´ve made to get to where you are now
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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words


94% Complete94%


90% Complete90%


80% Complete80%


70% Complete70%
  • Visual content will generate 94% more views


  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual


  • 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing


  • When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

People are visual beings

People are visual beings

What do I offer

  • I Tell YOUR story, driven by your unique story, using
    professional photography as a tool of expression.
  • I provide tailor made sessions, created with a deep
    understanding of the brand for your website, and social
    media outlets.
  • Identify areas that need to be highlighted, and focus on
    these first, for a greater impact.



Once you decide to invest in your branding story – no matter to what kind of subscription – month, quarter or year – you’re going to – you’re getting full commercial license, which you need in order to use your images in marketing materials. Commercial use means also that your images will not have watermarks on then and you don’t have to credit me, although I will highly appreciate it. However, as all the images are automatically copyrighted by photographer upon creation of the work, comercial license does´t allow to sell the images on stock or any other way.

Key of difference and how it works

  • I question and apply a personal approach on creating your brand image.
  • You receive unlimited time in shooting the story.
  • I offer Image manipulation and orientation, tailored to your needs.
  • I provide a different look between Summer and Winter, so that the images are not going beyond the framework of the developed concept
  • One time / quarter – new story + photo coverage during contract period on a full contract
  • You get unlimited commercial usage of the images.
  • You receive special pricing on other types of photography

One of my projects created at the course of the NY Institute of photography

Full Brand Photography service subscription = wide variety of content for your business

light, wind...11

Full subscription includes

  • Exploratory consult,where we determine the style and details of your photo sessions and also figure out the spheres that has to be highlighted
  • Each story shooting with no time limits
  • Unlimited change of looks and locations needed to tell your story
  • Post process of all the images
  • In person viewing session after images are ready
  • Web optimisation due to your necessities (facebook, instagram, printing materials etc)
  • Unlimited commercial usage license on all selected images

Year, quarter and month subscriptions

  • With the year subscription you´re getting the package of 4 stories + 4 events. It means – every season you have 2 photo sessions to create new content for you business.
  • With the quarter subscription – 2 photo stories.
  • With the month subscription – 1 story.

Get to know each other better

  • Exploratory meeting, where we determine the style and details of your photo session
  • 1 hour of the shooting
  • Post process of all the images
  • Web optimisation due to your necessities

Ask me

  • Does your business have something very specific that you need to have done? Destination brand photography?- no problem, just get in touch with me

Super Powers

  • An amazing opportunity for all new clients appeared now, when i teamed with super talented Diana Mineeva!
  • Now you have a super offer of web-development with design and image content included and even more –
  • Social media management your site support and paid advertising management

So, what's it gonna cost?

  • Simple brand photo session – from 250/hour
  • Head shots starts only from 150/hour


Elevate your website to the next level.

Hi,I´m Tais

Here is a little bit of information on why you´re choosing to make your investment in branding photography with me.

TaisGilo BPh-1


Thanks to my parents,I grew up in a creative environment,with the magical atmosphere of a photography darkroom.I graduated from University as an Art expert, New York Institute of Photography as a photographer and was inaugurated in Shwedagon as a master of natural healing.These 3 things has formed me as a professional.


Wide professional experience – studio, outdoor, interior, architecture, events, fashion, editorial…Work in theatre, cinema, special art projects.And what is really important – continuous work not only with the professional models,but – real people.A part of all that – years of travelling the world works on ability of thinking outside the box and find creative solutions.

new for tais - Copy
  • Before-Building day-night
    After-Building day-night
    Before Building day-night After

But, can you...?

my answer is YES!
here is one sample:Photograph a building during the daytime, change to cloudy sunset, hang  New-Year garlands around the perimeter of the building and install spotlights

One of my favourite quotes that reflects my vision on photography

“Photography For Me Is Not Looking, It’s Feeling. If You Can’t Feel What You’re Looking At, Then You’re Never Going To Get Others To Feel Anything When They Look At Your Pictures.” – Don McCullin