About Me

From the very beginning of my stay on earth, I felt that life is a strange and exciting journey back Home. Everyone goes it´s own road, my way leads through travelling and creativity.
Getting education was quite fascinating and long lasting period of my life – University (department of history and theory of world culture of the Philosophical Faculty, Theory of world art – Faculty of art history, writing thesis on architecture of ancient civilisations), Institute of Photography, school of energetic healing in India in a cocktail with work on excavations, museum, ceramic workshop, pilgrimage, participation in exhibitions, art festivals, etc…. and all that, holding a camera in my hands year after year.
I always felt life as an artistic process, so one day the project Art Life Studio was born, designed to unite creative people together and foster faith in others, that each of us is an artist and creator, at least of it’s own life, and the driving force of all that exists – is Love that generates compassion.
As a part of this project, I began to teach the art of photography, which means for me – the art of peering and deep observation of the world around us in order to learn to see what´s behind.

From the other side – photography for me is a magical opportunity to catch the elusive moments of life and open ones beauty. In order to share my knowledge and experience I continue to be involved in all sorts of commercial shootings. This part of my portfolio you can find out here