About Me

My journey in photography began many years ago. For over fifteen years I’ve been holding a camera in my hands. My first cameras were film, so I was one of those who had a chance to feel that deep experience of different types of photography and join them with my style now.

My art education (Fine Art Expert and Art Historian, philosophy and aesthetics, graduated from Moscow State University) also enriches me and encourages creative, stylish photographs full of feeling. One part of my life has been giving to art photo, and as photo artist I was exhibited in different galleries.

I am interested in a different kind of photography, because everywhere I go, I focus on finding something special. Shooting architecture, people (and children as very special people), different objects, life events, portfolio and everything you can imagine!

Creative customers are gladly welcomed. Together we can make something special and unusual; or, if you want to just relax and enjoy – trust my taste – you`ll get high quality art-photos!